Arctic Manufacturing Ltd. is centrally located in the interior of B.C. at Prince George. The facility has grown over the years to 35,000 square feet. Staffed by skilled long-term employees, provides the tools to get the job done right the first time.


Arctic Manufacturing Ltd. was established in 1974. "Arctic" started producing it’s first logging trailers in 1975 to fill the need for a strong and viable trailer for Off-Hi-way hauling and a lightweight trailer for the Hi-Way log haulers. Related companies specializing in the repair/service industry have allowed "Arctic" to gather extensive knowledge of servicing log trucks/trailers since 1963. This has enabled "Arctic" to gather a vast knowledge of Hi-Way and Off-Hi-Way requirements. Today you benefit from the history, knowledge, skill and craftsmanship that is designed and built into each "Arctic" product. We have changed with time adopting the latest in design, engineering and manufacturing technology to improve the product. Change only for improvement, not change for the sake of change. This is the company belief that has not changed.


All "Arctic" trailers feature urethane bushings at all axle connection and pivot points in our suspensions. T1 and High-Strength Low Alloy steels are used throughout the components. Innovative engineering, design and manufacturing provide a model that is light and strong and will provide years of low maintenance and long life.


Today when you purchase an "Arctic" product you get not years, but decades of Knowledge, History, Quality, Service, and a commitment to the future.


3323 Hart Highway

Prince George, B.C.

V2K 1M8

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